All Music albums can be downloaded 100% free as Low-Quality MP3-files, and can also be downloaded for $1.98 as High-Quality WAV-files.

Meditation and Hypnosis files are sold at the following prices:

1 hour by us predetermined: $48.00
1 hour of your own design: $128.00

3 hours by us predetermined: $88.00
3 hours of your own design: $248.00

Subscription per month:
GMP IT Services: $50 – $250.00

Please Note:

You can at see, that 1 private hour session of hypnotherapy costs $65 (£50), and typically 8 to 10 sessions are needed to get successful and permanent results, which will cost much more than $650.

Please read our Terms and Conditions, as well as our other Policies before making a purchase.