Environmental Toxins In Your Drinking Water!

If you are living in Denmark, you are actually drinking the water in the glass to the right!

You can here on our website find scientific proof about these alternative health informations, as well as how you yourself can solve any problems with it!

Do you suffer from obesity or diseases such as bowel cancer or diabetes?

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In Denmark, drinking water contains much more lead, mercury, nitrate, arsenic, cyanide, dioxins, DDT and pesticides in quantities, than what is good.

Maybe you should find out, what the Health Service’s Limit values are in your own country.
About 5,000 Danes gets every year bowel cancer.
In 2011, the Health Service’s limit value was 25 mg nitrate per liters, and 16% of those who drank 9.3 mg per liters got bowel cancer, compared to those who drank only 1.3 mg. per liters. 
The limit value for nitrate was increased in 2019 to 50 mg per liters because the farmers were allowed to discharge 30 million tons of manure per year.
Manure contains nitrate, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, copper, boron, manganese and zinc.
Aarhus University, Denmark

Danish Water and Wastewater Association
is the Industry Organization for Danish Municipal Water Companies.
Plastic packaging for food is made of 43% oil and gas and is used e.g. for food, beverages, and unfortunately also for babies bottles.Plastic packaging for food doesn’t only contain dangerous ftalates, but also endocrine disruptors causing cancer, infertility, diabetes, and obesity, among others.WILEY: 2018 Institute of Food Technologists

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Most people today has a toxic, overloaded, sluggish, stagnant, obese, or sick liver, even if they don’t drink alcohol.You probably know that large amounts of alcohol and fatty foods can lead to fatty liver, cirrhosis, or type 2 diabetes!
But the liver also takes care of your digestion, regulates sugar metabolism, forms egg whites and clotting factors for your bloodstream, converts sex hormones, controls the immune system, detoxifies drugs and alcohol, acts as an energy depot, and controls cholesterol balance.
The liver also produces bile that dissolves fat in the duodenum, otherwise, vitamins A, D, E, and K wouldn’t work.
The liver also affects all the other organs in the body, and if it ceases to function completely, the result is:
·         your brain goes into a coma
·         your kidneys shut down
·         your body intestines swell up
·         your heart will pump worse
·         your lungs can’t oxygenate the blood
·        you get muscle wasting and osteoporosis.
Medical Gastroenterology, University of Southern, Denmark

WaterPure Destillation
So now we are drinking from the glass bottle at the left, and you might actually drinking the water in the glass to the right