Legal Disclaimer

We, The Onvipe Band, is NOT meant to replace medical or psychological treatment or consultation. 

If you have a severe medical condition, please consult with your physician. Ask about Meditation and Hypnosis and work with your physician to choose the right treatments for you.

We have provided the information contained within this document both to instruct the general public about the nature of Meditation and Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, and Self-Hypnotic Techniques.

 We inform the public about the wholesomeness and usefulness of these techniques in facilitating healthy lifestyle changes and/or alterations in personal habits for vocational self-improvement.

Meditation and Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, and Self-Hypnotic Techniques are not in any way meant as a substitute for standard medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment for severe or life-threatening conditions, such as medical trauma, surgical emergencies, bacterial infections, specific bodily “mechanical” difficulties, and thought disorders such as psychosis or schizophrenia. 

These techniques are an adjunctive/complementary alternative for self-healing, self-help, and behavioral modification. Potential clients under the age of 18 must provide written consent by a parent or legal guardian to use any services offered by Us or this website.

We make no expressed or implied guarantees of results, in so far as human behavior cannot be predicted. (You can lead a human to water…but…). 

The public is duly informed that as individuals vary, so do results and that all Meditation and Hypnosis are self-Meditation and self-Hypnosis. 

Results are ultimately achieved through the client’s own personal efforts at applying these techniques over time for which each client must accept full responsibility.