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CEO and CIO J. Malmgren
CEO and CIO J. Malmgren

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Blues, Bossa Nova, Celtic Chant, Country, Deep House, Electronic, Funky Country, Funky Jazz, Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Jazz, Orchestra, Soft Rock, Tango, and in The Zodiac Musical 2020: Spiritual Blues/Bossa Nova/Country/DeepHouse/Orchestra/Tango

The Onvipe Band is composing and creating instrumental soft rock vibrating inside your body, instead of making noise outside your ears.

J. Malmgren is the only member of The Onvipe Band, aka the ON  VI  PE band, aka The ONly VIrtual PErformance Band.

I was born in 1950 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe, and created my first band “The Tweens” in 1964, where I was inspired by The Animals, The Doors, The Alman Brothers Band, Beach Boys, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, ABBA, Gasolin, Procol Harum and many, many others.

Today, I am a great fan of Freddie Mercury, Gary More, and Ian Gillan.

I composed my first pop song in 1981, “Love is like the weather” but rearranged it late 2005, where I composed the rest 9 pop songs in my first album produced early in 2006, and I am doing everything myself, including producing, composing, lyrics, instruments, drums, singing, and choir as part of The Onvipe Bands 2006 version, that didn’t have anything with an instrumental rock to do.

I am also creating and producing everything myself about Koda and Gramex Copyright, Digidi.dk, ISCR, ISWC, EAN13, ID3, Jewel case, Cover and Chords, and sending my CD to Radio disc jockeys.
And being a professional IT-programmer since 1973, I also designed and created this website.

My 3 albums in 2006 were almost not worth listening to, because after composing and recording, I didn’t listen to what came out of the speakers, but only to the ´fantastic´ music I heard inside my head, or in other words, between my ears, and not outside my ears.

But in 2018 I created my new 12 tracks The Fourth Edition album with instrumental Blues, Jazz, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Electronic, Country, Celtic Chant, and Deep House. With each track I started to listen to what came out of the speakers and after that, I rearranged the notes, the instruments, the volume, the combination of which instruments to quiet sometimes, instead of having them all doing a “wall of noise” from start to the end of the tracks, as I did in 2006.

But how can 1 musician like me, play all the instruments, at the same time?

I am using the Band in a Box program, which is using my composed sheet notes to automatically generate a complete professional-quality arrangement of all the instruments being part of each track, e.g. piano, bass, drums, guitar, flutes, and strings or horns, with the human element of over 2.900 hours of professional studio session musicians recordings, actually playing The Onvipe Band’s created sheet notes for me.

In other words, each of the many professional musicians recorded each possible note into a High-Quality WAV file, and for each note, they also recorded different actions with each note, e.q. a blues guitarist, also recorded each note, while stretching the guitar string up and down, sounding like “pulling a cat by the tail”.

And I have access to e.g. both acoustic, high strung acoustic, electric, baritone electric, high strung electric, 12 string, 12 string acoustic, 12 string electric, nylon professional guitar players, which for each of them plays both Rhythm, Solo or Finger Pickering variations.

I record my albums into a professional studio High-Quality WAV-file, using the pitch of the MHz vibrations of the whole universe, planets, people, animals, and plants.

In other words, if I produced and recorded like any other producers in the music business, it’ts like listening to The Onvipe Band using High-Quality speakers. But when you hear my music with the pitch of the whole universe,  it’s like being in front of The Onvipe Bands human musicians playing on a stage, or at a concert.

So, I create music vibrating inside your body, instead of making noise outside your ears.

I composed and released my Fifth Edition 2020 album with 12 tracks in March 2020, with Blues, Celtic Chant, Deep House, Electronic, Funky Country, Funky Jazz, Heavy Rock, and Soft Rock, including the introduction of the Meditation and the Hypnosis sound files, which is a modified version of track #8: Forgotten Virtual Paradise.

You can see, hear and download all of my albums 100% free using the Music menu above, where you can find all my albums created in the past, including my “The Aquarius Zodiac Musical 2020“.

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