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Hypnosis 3 hours own design


By now, you can create and buy your own 3-hour hypnosis sound file, that you can use with a speaker blindfold each time you need very effective hypnosis.

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When you design all the English text yourself, you must make sure that it only contains 2 hours of your own hypnosis text, because we will add our own professional 1-hour hypnosis deepener.

You must also make sure, that everything is perfect for hypnosis, so please use the 100% free Grammarly with these options:

We encourage everyone to selflessly do something good for others because abundance is the conclusion of the universe.

Please note: According to https://diptitait.com/hypnotherapy-cost, a 1-hour hypnotherapy private session can cost much more than $65, and typically 8-10 sessions are needed for successful and permanent results, which will cost much more than $650.

Our conclusion for our 3-days of working with your own designed hypnosis text as a sound file is $248, and you will get an email about how to pay.


Our conclusion for our predesigned 3-hour hypnosis sound file is $88, and you will get an email about how to pay.
• Visa card payment today. • This website has permission to store my GPDR submitted information. • I am not suffering from any serious mental disorder.


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